About & Testimonials


Categories we touch upon in our client’s lives:

1 Body Changing Workouts:  strengthening and sculpting

2 Better Posture

3 Natural pain reduction

4  Better sleep quality

5  Stress reduction

6  Revitalizing mood

7 Raised energy levels

8 More active lifestyle

9 Mental and physical vitality

10 Techniques for Tech Neck; Due to all of Today’s Technology computer/laptop/tablet/texting/gaming

A few words from some of them:

“Relaxing, soothing, invigorating, all at the same time.”-Kristin W.

“Feels like I do after a swim – like I’ve had a workout, but also relaxing.”-Bobby K.

“Calming, non jerking moves.” -Lenore S.

“One of the best kept secrets in Austin, and we like it. ” – Company X (an Austin Original business)

Others describe our classes: “We love their approach…a no judgement  zone… soothing and nice”


Our fitness model is FUNctional fitness and body weight movement based exercise which is a way of working in a series of integrated movements instead of isolated muscle actions. We are mindful movement specialists, know body alignment, and safely instruct participants & clients of all fitness levels. Having studied throughout the decades, our fitness repertoire includes: ballet, tap, gymnastics, Yoga-Pilates Fusion, Tai Chi, many traditions of Dance, Dance Cardio, and Lotte Berk. Been a Choreographer for over a decade. Have extensively studied Holistic Wellness, Health Coaching, and Applied Kinesiology. Our Wellness Director, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor & Choreographer, and Relaxation Wellness Coaches are committed to providing invigorating and relaxing workouts/sessions, that leave you with a Spa like feeling – revitalized and calm.

ACEcert_200x89              Certified by the America Council on Exercise 

Fitness Instructors are certified by the America Council on Exercise. Hold CPR/AED/First Aid Certifications, Professional Liability Insurance, Holistic Wellness Certification, and have membership with the professional organization IDEA Health & Fitness Association.


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