Techniques for Tech Neck™


Don’t let the name fool you, our Exclusive Techniques for Tech Neck™  is an innovative ever evolving mindful movement based program we created for the whole body.

Individualized and Personalized our one on one sessions effectively target hand, eye, neck, shoulder, back and many strains. Due to all of Today’s Technology: smart phone/computer/laptop/tablet/texting/gaming. From life stressors, work, driving, and athletics.

It’s great for getting rid of “Office Body” tensions quickly, even while still at work. So you can get on with your day feeling better.

It’s loved by our clients and so many of them walk away upbeat with a smile on their face.

* Techniques for Tech Neck™ – Revitalizing body, posture, and mood. It’s always on the menu.

* The Fitness Menu Method Team, the exclusive purveyors of Techniques for Tech Neck™ are not D.C.s or M.D.s and it is not suitable for all strains and pains.


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